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Chiropractic Gulf Breeze FL Auto Injury

Below are the most common reasons why you should consider auto-injury care at Balance Chiropractic. Seek the help of Dr. Carlock - Founder of the BPR Method™, a top chiropractor in Gulf Breeze FL, after any automobile-related accident, even if it doesn’t seem like it was a severe accident.

7 Reasons to Visit Balance Chiropractic for Auto Injury Care in Gulf Breeze FL

  1. Restores and Improves Range of Motion
    Muscle and ligament inflammation that occurs after an automobile accident not only slows down the healing process but can also reduce the range of motion in your body. With BPR Method™ chiropractic manipulation, your spine will be mobilized to help the healing process accelerate and improve the overall range of motion.
  2. Reduces Scar Tissue
    Scars can not only form on the outside of the skin but also on the inside of the body, too. When this happens, parts of the body can feel stiff after the body attempts to heal itself after an accident. Dr. Carlock, an experienced Gulf Breeze FL chiropractor, knows how to target those areas and break down the scar tissue to help you get back to feeling great and being flexible again.
  3. Improves Your Chances of a Successful Claim
    If you wait too long to seek medical attention from Dr. Carlock, a chiropractor in Gulf Breeze FL, you may be at risk of losing out on a successful claim as a result of another’s negligence. Remember there is a 14-day rule in Florida, so do yourself a favor and make sure you have the best chance of a successful claim while feeling better at the same time.
  4. Auto Injury Care Needs Are Not Always Obvious
    More extreme injuries may be more obvious, but there are subtle injuries that take place underneath the skin that are less obvious but still important to treat, such as whiplash or minor spinal misalignments that occur, which Dr. Carlock can assist with. If you get in an accident, get a checkup and begin treatment as soon as possible before you experience severe pain.
  5. Reduces Inflammation
    During an automobile accident, the body often experiences whiplash which can cause micro-tears in the muscles and/or ligaments of the neck and back. Dr. Carlock, a Gulf Breeze FL chiropractor, will help to adjust the spine and cause the body to utilize anti-inflammatory healing properties to combat pain and damage from acute injuries.
  6. Reduces Pain Throughout the Body
    When Dr. Carlock makes adjustments to your spine, it can release beneficial pain-reducing hormones throughout the body that make the overall pain more manageable after an auto accident. It also helps the body to heal more effectively due to the proper communication occurring between the central nervous system and the rest of the body. Visiting a chiropractor is a great alternative to taking pain medications as it is a more long-term and permanent solution.

BPR Method™ Adjustments Are a Drug-Free Pain Relief Solution

Many people experience improvements in their pain after a chiropractic adjustment, especially when compared to taking medication to numb the pain. This is because Dr. Carlock helps to provide a solution using the BPR Method™ - Balanced Pain Relief™ that gets to the core of the issue while pain medication is only a temporary solution that only touches the surface.

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Automobile accidents are not an uncommon occurrence. As unfortunate as that is, if you ever find yourself dealing with an automobile accident and experience some pain (typically in the neck and/or back), getting auto injury care from Dr. Carlock - Founder of the BPR Method™, a chiropractor in Gulf Breeze FL, can make a big difference in your recovery, your likelihood of having a successful claim, your probability of restoring range of motion, and more.

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