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"I am very glad that I went to Balance Chiropractic for help with my plantar fasciitis. I spent almost a year with pain in my foot. I had to stop running (my favorite cardio exercise) and had terrible pain with walking or standing. I tried many different things to get relief from the pain, but nothing helped. Within a few visits at Balance Chiropractic, I began to feel much better.

Within a month, Dr. Carlock helped me to feel great again. I am running again with no pain, which I didn't think was possible! Thank you, Dr. Carlock!"

- Jenn C. 

Chiropractic Gulf Breeze FL Shayla Testimonial

"Since I have been an active child, I have had pain in my knees and ankles. I simply did not know this was a huge problem until I entered high school sports. As I began progressing, I started to feel more pain before, after, and during sports and exercises. This past March, I had a bad knee injury, which effected my performance in track, and furthered any pain that I had.

I knew it was not bad enough for it to be broken, so I just believed if I worked through it, all would be fine. I took the Summer off from strenuous exercising. At the start of Cross Country, all of this pain came back. It was then we found out about Balance Chiropractic. Through Dr. Carlock's treatment, I was able to keep running and do very well with this season. I have never felt this good and with so little pain while exercising!"

- Shayla W.

"I met Dr. Carlock and Ann through an ad posted on Facebook! I'm generally very sceptical about these things but was at such a low point with the pain I was having in my hip and feet. I felt as though at 50 I was going to have to find a new career path because I definitely would not be able to physically do my job much longer. I had already stopped teaching my classes at the gym because of the pain. I went for my first appointment and felt so good about everything I was being told because he clearly explained what the BPR method was about and what he was about as a doctor. Long story short I haven't even finished my full program but I go with no pain at all sometimes or just need a little tweak. I'm so thankful that I answered the ad when I did. I look forward to a long relationship with this family. Although they are a chiropractic office they make you feel like family. The knowledge is vast and not limited to just chiropractic. They saved my career and my life in many ways.. Highly recommend this practice. "

- BJ H.

"Dr. Carlock is one the finest chiropractors, you would ever meet. I have had chronic back pain for years. He has reduced my pain level to no pain in just a few visits. One of our sons was having hip and back pain. His evaluation was spot on for our son. He diagnosed the cause and then asked us to get x-rays. The x-rays absolutely confirmed what he told us, 2 days prior. The BPR (balanced pain relief) method really works! Also, Ann is an absolute delight as his assistant. Thank you so much for all you've done for my husband, our son, and me!!"

- Jodi B.

"Dr. Carlock clearly has passion and an immediate understanding of your specific needs. I had my 1st adjustment and then booked 4 more sessions before I headed back to CT as I am a snowbird. I will continue to use their services on a regular basis as necessary."

- John P.

"On July 20th, 2018 (Friday) morning I got up with severe pain in my right upper back. Any movement was painful and had to stay hunched back. I did not get a good night's sleep. My husband didn't want to see me in Pain over the weekend. He called several Chiropractor offices. They were either closed or had no appointment until Monday. He called Balance Chiropractic in Gulf Breeze, FL. Ann answered the phone. She told my husband to bring me to the office. Dr. Carlock and Ann were very compassionate and explained what therapy they would do to help ease my pain. They did Ice, Laser, Electro-Stimulation, and Kinesio Taping. This lasted about 45 minutes. I walked back to the lobby upright and not hunched back. I was very Happy & Smiling. I could not thank Ann and Dr. Carlock enough. They also opened the office on Saturday just for me for follow-up therapy. In my opinion, Dr. Don Carlock and Ann Carlock are the 'Best'. I would highly recommend Balance Chiropractic."

- Savitri T.

"At the age of twelve years old, I was diagnosed with spondylolysis. After multiple X-rays, MRIs, and visits to an Orthopedic specialist, I was told there was not anything that I could do to help treat the pain in my back. However, I decided to go see Dr. Carlock to see if there was any possible way I could help manage the pain. Since seeing Dr. Carlock, my condition has improved exponentially. When I was first diagnosed, I had to give up my competitive swimming just so I was not in immense pain daily. I have since been able to swim again and pick up another sport in which I now actively participate at the collegiate level. Before seeing Dr. Carlock, I never could have imagined such a measurable difference in my condition. The beneficial effects of Dr. Carlock's treatment for me have exceeded every expectation I could have dreamed of."

- Trinity M.

"Dr. Carlock found and treated my neck injury (whiplash) from over 30 years ago. He explained everything very well before he did the adjustment, showed me the x-ray of the issue, & adjusted my neck. That was three years ago, and my headaches have been reduced from 9 migraines a migraine to maybe 1. That one is hormonal. I was very skeptical about chiropractic care, and Dr. Carlock and his staff educated me. I am so thankful for the education and wonderful experience!"

- Kerry H.

"Dr. Carlock is a wonderful chiropractor! He takes his time listening to your problems, and educating his patients. I received perfect adjustments every time."

- Brittaney G.

"Highly suggest Dr. Carlock knows his stuff and a wonderful practice that will take care of you like you are family."

- Sarah T.

"I've been under Dr. Carlock's care for almost a year due to being in a car accident. I was a mess when I started. His treatment plan has helped me tremendously! He truly is an all-around phenomenal physician who is all for wellness and full-body benefits! I would highly recommend him. The staff is just as phenomenal as Dr. Carlock."

- Tay H.

"Excellent Chiropractor......I have been to see many over the years and he has been the best so far!"

-Thomas A.

"Dr. Carlock and his staff were very responsive to my needs and were very professional. This was by far the best experience I have had with a medical professional."

- Lisa M.

"Dr. Carlock is a wonderful Chiropractor. He explained why I was having pain and explained how he could help me and what I could do at home. No other doctor was able to tell me why I was having hip pain. After he treated my hip and got me out of pain, I continued to see him for monthly wellness visits. So happy he is in Gulf Breeze! So proud to share my experience and join the long list of patient testimonials. He is truly a gift! Highly recommend him!"

- Marilyn M.

"I was involved in an MVA and called Dr. Carlock's office to make an appt. for my back and neck pain and was given an appt right away and the staff is so friendly and thoughtful. Dr. Carlock went over everything on my first consult and understood when I explained I had a joint condition and didn't blow me off and disregard my joint condition which some doctors do and actually causes ligament or tendon damage. I have been seeing them for almost 2 months due to my MVA and the treatment they do and offer work and would recommend this place to anyone. This is by far the best place to be seen for any chiropractor needs or MVA needs. Thank you Dr. Carlock and to the rest of the staff for being friendly and helpful."

- Jamie W.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Carlock for about 6 years for different issues. From an inflamed joint in my lower back to a herniated disc in my back, to then a car accident. I have always been treated very well and was always educated on my treatment and my options. Even though the car accident eventually led to having neck surgery Dr. Carlock recommended it. Even after the surgery, I was under his care with massage therapy to aid in the healing. I have full mobility in my neck thanks to him and his staff! I will recommend this practice to anybody! I will never be a patient to anybody other than Dr. Carlock! Thank you Dr. Carlock for all you have done for me!"

- Joni L.

"I came to this practice with pretty extreme physical ailments. The staff have dealt with each issue and worked through it with amazing care, understanding, patience, and a wonderful knowledge of the body and how to get it healthy again! I highly recommend this group of professionals. The people at this practice will take care of you and your physical problems."

- Terri N.

"Treating with Dr. Carlock was such a wonderful experience! While I was waiting to have back surgery I was in so much pain that no painkiller would help and I was unable to sleep at night. I had lost almost all use of my arm due to nerve damage from three herniated discs. The doctors at the hospital told me not to go to a Chiropractor because it could cause more damage. My father suggested I find a good Chiropractor that would not hurt me so I could get some relief. I researched Dr. Carlock and decided to make an appointment. With deep tissue laser therapy and massage therapy, I was nearly pain-free in less than two weeks. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy that I cried. Finally, I could function again. Although my injury was very severe and there was no avoiding surgery, Dr. Carlock and his team took great care of me! If you want relief from your pain and an honest and upfront Dr., I highly recommend him and his staff!!!!!! You all are the BEST!!!!!!"

- Tahnya P.

"Dr. Carlock and his staff have served us for a number of years. As a result, we have remained active and relatively pain-free, which is more than we can say for previous providers. At age 80 and age 75 we owe much of our health and well-being to following Dr Carlock's recommendations."

- Neil P.

"Doc is wonderfully skilled, the therapists are fantastic, and the staff is very friendly. When I first started going to Doc, I could barely walk, stand, sit, or move. With the assistance of several different treatments, I can walk, stand, sit, and move much more freely. I still struggle with pain daily, but it is much more manageable now than it used to be. I have recommended him to several of my friends and co-workers, and am glad to give his name out to anyone who wants to improve their daily life from the struggles of pain."

- Catherine L.

"You did such a terrific job putting me back together that I am back again leading a very active life! I'm back at the gym 3x/week, landscaping (planting over 40 trees and shrubs) to my heart's content and traveling whenever possible. A big thank you."

- Suzanne P.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Carlock pre and post-surgery for neck/spinal care. I also avoided further shoulder surgery under his care. Instead of taking prescription muscle relaxers, I feel Dr. Carlock and his staff provide more relief. I am very thankful due to I like to hike, bike, work out, and stay active. I am able to continue normal activities pain-free and do the things that I enjoy. Thank you!!!"

- Sarah C.

"Great experience. Wonderful staff. I couldn't ask for more personal attention to issues and effort to correct problems."

- Regina S.

"I want to thank you and your staff for what you have done toward eradicating much of my pain and giving me hope. Never having had orthotics recommended by a professional, I was doubtful; however, from the moment I put them into my shoes I was sold. Your treatment recommendations have also been very helpful. With my age and condition, I can't expect to be 100%, but I am much better and expect to keep improving. Keep up the good work."

- Barbara Z.

"I came into the clinic at the request of my massage therapist. I had severe neck and lower back pain. I had been living with it for years and thought I would be living with it for years and thought I would be living with the pain forever. By following all of the care instructions and receiving treatment by Dr. Carlock I am virtually pain-free. The combination of treatment and care all came together and I began feeling better week by week. Now I feel great!"

- Renee R.

"Dr. C and Ann, Thank you for everything in getting me fit to participate in my marathon back in December. I couldn't have done it without you."

- Paula S.

"After weeks of physical therapy and injections elsewhere, I finally came to see Don. In less than two weeks of treatment, I am much improved with better movement and flexibility. Thanks for making me better. P.S.- Your concern about overall function, and not just pain relief is refreshing, and unlike other treatments I have received."

- Gail F.

"I had never experienced any back problems before in my life until I became pregnant. A few months into my pregnancy I started having a lot of pain in my back and problems with my sciatic nerve. I was having trouble sleeping, walking, and standing for long periods of time. At the time I was working in a retail store as a sales associate, and I had to stand on my feet most of the day. It was almost impossible for me to do, and knew that I would eventually have to quit my job. That was when I decided to visit Dr. Carlock's clinic. I started seeing him on a weekly basis and I soon got better. I was able to work throughout my pregnancy and I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl without any complications."

- Marsha T.

"I started having pain and soreness with my right foot after exercising. I thought the pain would go away. After about 4 months the pain only got worse and to the point of being difficult to go up and down stairs and inclines. I heard about Dr. Carlock on the radio on my day off. After a few visits and adjustments, I could handle stairs and inclines like normal."

- Fred W.

"After suffering from sciatic nerve pain for 10 years I sought help from a Chiropractor for the first time. I presented to Dr. Carlock with both heels fully involved including lower back pain. After one month the sciatica has been significantly reduced. I now enjoy sleeping without the pain and associated symptoms. Dr. Carlock is good-natured, informative, and genuinely concerned about the well-being of his patients. Because of Dr. Carlock, I am a healthier, happier person."

- Gary C.

"I have been seeing many Chiropractors here in Pensacola and in Michigan, and I find Dr. Carlock to be the one who has done me the most good. He is very concerned about my well-being and has not given up on me, in spite of my advanced stages of spinal degeneration. I have since been fitted with custom foot orthotics, and between those and special adjustments to my feet and to my spine I can see a 50% improvement. I can now walk a nine-hole golf course with less pain than before, all this I owe to Dr. Carlock."

- Ray B.

"I came to Dr. Carlock with a herniated disc in my neck. This was causing pain in my neck and shoulder. One neurosurgeon wanted to operate immediately and another surgeon said it was my choice to operate or not. Dr. Carlock began treatments using adjustments and glucosamine. A new pillow was also recommended. After a few weeks, I noticed improvements and now I have a normal life. Once a month I return for an adjustment and a check-up. I still take the glucosamine and sleep on the pillow but to this date, I haven't needed an operation."

-Jim B.

"I have been a Chiropractic patient for the past 15 years. My first resulted from a lower back (lumbar) injury while gardening. After several adjustments and associated therapy, my symptoms were totally eliminated. Several recurrences of my initial symptoms, over a period of 6 or 7 years, required repeated treatment. Each treatment totally eliminated my pain and discomfort. I have long ago decided that a regular maintenance program of review and adjustment pays dividends. Since embarking on my maintenance program (every 7 weeks in my case), it has been more than 5 years since I have experienced any symptoms. This modest investment in maintaining my sense of well-being is money well spent. Dr. Carlock has good hands!!"

- John M.

"My experience with Dr. Carlock and his staff is one of trust and appreciation for their interest, patience, and ability to correct whatever condition I bring to them. Dr. Carlock's range of knowledge of the way the (whole) body works and what to do to take care of it provides a sense of security for help when health problems arise."

- Jeanne P.

"I came to Dr. Carlock after eight visits to another chiropractic physician where I was getting no relief. I came to Dr. Carlock by recommendation from one of his patients. When I first began treatment here I had to hold my left arm above my head to shave the right side of my neck. I was having trouble sleeping due to the pain in my arm. I could do no work above my head. I also had back pains due to spurs on my spine. After treatments from Dr. Carlock I have full use of my arm and no more back pains. I am well please with Dr. Carlock and I highly recommend him for any of your Chiropractic needs. He's very knowledgeable in his business and he's a nice guy. His office staff is very congenial and helpful also."

- Thomas B.

"When I came to Dr. Carlock to get treated, I went a long time before getting help. I had very disturbing and almost all-day headaches. My adjustments are a lot better than when I first started. At first, I wasn't sure about Chiropractors, but now if I could I would go to one every day. Dr. Carlock has helped me out a great deal, and I am pleased with all he has done."

- Jennifer R.

"I first went for chiropractic consultation and adjustment with Dr. Carlock because of problems with my hamstrings from running. Medical doctors, and even sports medicine specialists, weren't able to help. Adjustment and orthotic inserts in my shoes relieved me of the constant pain. I have continued seeing Dr. Carlock weekly for preventative/wellness adjustments, and I am constantly amazed at how Dr. Carlock can zero in on an ache before I'm even aware of it. His adjustments keep all those aches and pains that come from aging at bay, and his advice on vitamins and other wellness techniques are a real godsend for keeping me healthy and whole."

- Carol O.

"Well Friday, October 22nd, 2004 was the day that changed my life! My husband and I were getting ready to leave the country for two weeks, and I was in pain. It just so happened that the chiropractor I was seeing was out of town. Therefore, I called Dr. Carlock's office out of desperation. They were able to see me that day! He adjusted an area in my upper back that was very much out of alignment. Dr. Carlock encouraged me to put ice on the area for a few days and his wife, Ann, gave me her personal cell phone number in case I needed to reach them. I was a changed person!! I was a little sore after the adjustment, but the next day I was no longer in pain. I continued to ice the area, but I was as good as new! My husband and I traveled to Europe and had a fabulous time! I really wanted to call Dr. Carlock and Ann and tell them how grateful I was, but I did not want to bother them on their personal cell phone. I just thought that when I got back to see them, I would tell them then. Little did I know they were very concerned that I had not called them. I found out when I went back to see Dr. Carlock that he and his wife had been worried about my outcome. I proceeded to tell them how wonderful I felt and of course, I have been seeing Dr. Carlock ever since. My neck went from not having a curve to now having the correct curvature due to monthly adjustments. I have referred many individuals to Dr. Carlock. I feel very blessed by God that HE put Dr. Carlock, his wife, Ann, and his staff in my life! Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all of them!! Thank you, and I love all of you!!"

- Kathi V.

"After trying several "wait until I hurt" strategies, I accepted that regular visits keep me stronger and pain-free on a continual basis. I have been on routine adjustments for a few years now and have been amazed at how much better I am able to function."

- Kathryn P.

"It's a Miracle! I can kick myself for not going to Dr. Carlock after first meeting him through his charitable work with the Arthritis Foundation. I kept putting it off until there "was time." Well, there is no right time to be in constant pain, and after years of chronic neck pain - pain that woke me throughout the night - and after only two adjustments and two massages, in addition to Kinesio Taping, I am pain-free."

- Linda K.

"Amazing! Best in town. Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful. When I have a visit I feel immediate relief. Would highly recommend it."

- Jamie E.

"Excellent explanations and expertise regarding cause of pain and provided a solution to prevent future pain and long term care. NEW fuglies for my feet."

- Jenny J.

"Wonderful Place. When I first started with Dr. Carlock, I was in agony. Between the therapies and adjustments with Dr. Carlock, I can now live almost pain-free. The posture pump they recommended is awesome. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Karen C.

"This is a fantastic clinic. If you're looking for solutions to your back or neck pain, this is the place. The staff is friendly, and Dr. Carlock is very personable and takes the time to understand the full scope of your issue before prescribing treatment. His method puts you on the road to wellness. For myself, the treatment I have received here has been life-changing."

- Matthew C.

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